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Welcome to the Editor's Suite. Reels are cued and we're ready to roll. Let's get cutting.

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Recent Posts

Dan Lohrmann
January 18, 2012

  Dan is the former Chief Information Security Officer for the State of Michigan and was responsible for safeguarding the computers of 55,000 state employees […] [READ MORE]

Dan Hall
December 1, 2011

  Man whose addiction to porn led to a loss of reputation and work. Dan eventually found freedom through walking in accountability […] [READ MORE]

Josh and Jeannie Yates
December 1, 2011

  A youth pastor and wife speak on the tempation to porn amongst teens and also how pornography has affected their own marriage […] [READ MORE]

Luke Gilkerson
November 18, 2011

  Luke Gilkerson is the general editor and primary author of Breaking Free. He serves as the Internet Community Manager at Covenant Eyes. Luke has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Bowling Green State University and is working on his MA in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. He spent six years […] [READ MORE]

Nicole Wick
October 28, 2011

    Nicole has been blogging for and since 2009, mostly writing for wives of men who struggle with porn  […] [READ MORE]

Ron DeHaas
October 18, 2011

    Ron DeHaas is the president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes - A software solution for accountability and Internet filtering. He has been a mailman, a postal supervisor, an EPA-certified trainer of asbestos abatement, a quantum theorist and a Put-Put pro, but really Ron is a geologist with a flare for starting businesses  […] [READ MORE]

Michael Leahy
September 22, 2011

    Traveling the globe to talk about his past porn and sex addiction, he’s appeared on CNBC, 20/20, The View, Fox News, and even Playboy Radio […] [READ MORE]

William Struthers
June 23, 2010

      Neurobiologist, Dr. William Struthers explaining the scientific side of sexuality […] [READ MORE]

Crystal Renaud
May 14, 2010

      Former porn addict shares her story. Curious about women and porn adiction? The female mind when it comes to porn? Listen in […] [READ MORE]

Noel Bouché
May 5, 2010

      Noel serves as Vice President of the National Coalition where his work focuses on equipping the Church to live out Christian sexual ethics […] [READ MORE]

Michael Wentzel
April 22, 2010

      Pastor of Lutheran church on a pioneering committee to fight pornography and establish safe-gaurds for purity in their denomination  […] [READ MORE]