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Crystal Renaud
May 14, 2010




Former porn addict shares her story. Curious about women and porn adiction? The female mind when it comes to porn? Listen in.


On Saturday, July 10, 2010, Allan Pole said
We tend to think that pornography ensnares only boys and men but Crystal sure dispels this notion. She provides great encouragement to men and women as we hear the story of a life that has been transformed by Jesus Christ.


On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, Hannelie said
Dear PD lester, I all due respect have you even watched these interviews? These are people sharing there hearts one the destructive properties of all porn regardless of rating. It is clear that you are trying to justify your porn use but please “dumb pretty girls have to make a living”........a small percentage of girls are making a living but to what personal cost and who do you really think are making the big money? Most others gils are trafficked, lure into this industry with empty promises, used, abused and spit out. And those suffering most are young under-aged girls and children.


On Friday, June 18, 2010, Fred said
There is a report that states that there is nothing beneficial that comes from porn. It is true that the gender restrictive aspect (male only addiction) is adjusting rapidly. It is important to realize that this is a major sin in the church and that very few are willing to address it but more are addressing this issue. Crystal, you are to be commended for coming clean but also in forming a ministry that will have an impact to change the lives of many that are young and old. God bless you. God bless Scratching The Surface.


On Sunday, May 23, 2010, Jessica said
First off, good job, Crystal! I am so excited to see how God has matured you and your ministry in these past few months. Some points I think were dead on and should really really stay.

The entire 1:04 -1:05 segment. The whole emotional desire and escalation is dead on and needs to be heard.

1:08:?-1:09:30. When she starts talking about how she could confess being addicted to pornography as a woman. That section needs to stay. That is the whole problem women have, which is why

1:09:45-1:10:25 ish, need to stay.

1:12-1:14 ish. The entire conversation about why women become addicted is good. I have a bit of a different frame of logic when it comes to this, but Crystal's approach is still great.

1:18-1:19:14. The advice to dads is good. Needs to be in there.


On Wednesday, May 19, 2010, Kendra said
Wow! This is really is about time that women broke their silence about this issue. 0:48- 17% is a big number...take a look around your group of female friends and realize that some of them may be struggling with this issue. This is not to be ashamed of. Everyone has struggles. Drop the stereotype that pornography is a mans struggle. Be open to communicating about pornography. If you are open about communicating about pornography then maybe you will be the friend that can help them through this, help them be accountable.

15:36- Pornography should never be used as a tool to "help you" in the bedroom and with your sexual interactions. Pornography has the ability to make woman feel that they will never measure up, never be to the women in the pornography industry. It will only harm your relationships.

17:16- Jesus Christ is your saviour, he will deliver you from this struggle and any stuggles you may have!

Proverbs 3:5-6 says "Trust in the Lor with all your heart, and don't lean on your own understanding. Remember the Lord in all you do, and He will give you success."


On Wednesday, May 19, 2010, Admin said
Sorry to disagree here, PD. There is NO HARMLESS PORN. It does not have to be extreme to be damaging. (The Dr Bill Struthers interview will explain). Also, Noel's interview will shed a bit more light on the industry. There is NO SEPARATION FROM CHILDREN when it comes to porn. The industry eats them to produce its products.

19:58 " not Biblical." & "does not have to be perverted" I'm completely with Crystal here. Brining anyone into your bedroom other than your wife / husband is prostitution.


On Wednesday, May 19, 2010, pd lester said

That is great. just great! it's about time you got this up in running. My views; pornography is great when you share it with the ones you love, excluding the children of course. R and X rated pornography can be a great tool for couples in the privacy of their bedrooms. XXX and Extreme pornography can be very psychologly damaging to peoples sexuallity. meaning that people have progress in thier sexual perversions that they are no longer interested in regular(missionary, vanilla) sex. people are now looking foe the extreme. more and more by the numbers and that is just not healthy. Phil P.S. Remember pretty dumb girls have to make a living too. and pornography is more degrading toward men not woman. Woman rule the Porn industry. who make the most money next to the producer? the woman, if infact the producers aren't woman themselves.

ADMIN SAYS: Hi, PD. The evidence points in completely different directions from your opinions. See my comment.



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