About STS


Scratching the Surface Project

Scratching the Surface is an independent film initiative aimed at connecting people with key champions from the battlefront against pornography. Director Francois Driessen and his team engages important topics that arises from the saturation of pornography within our culture and the church, and allows the audience to actively participate in the the filmmaking process via social media. 


Our Motivation

In preparation to the release of WILLFUL ENTRAPMENT, we found to a large degree that the church was not ready to deal with pornography. We were also astonished to find the extent of the problem to far greater than ever imagined, spinning out into worlds of injustice and destruction on every level of society. It was like discovering a scratch, and as we investigated it further, discovering that the whole world was covered in it.

We realized the need to help the church, and its people, get equipped and educated to a place where we could step into freedom. This is something WILLFUL ENTRAPMENT does not offer by itself. So, we turned our cameras to the people we've been meeting along the way that were gaining good ground at the front-line battle against pornography. 

Another discovery was that, although there were many ministries and people having fantastic success in this area,  by a large extend they were functioning in separation and even isolation from each other and having relatively small impact in view of the extend of the masses of people affected by pornography.  We felt the compelling need to cultivate a channel by which people, churches and ministries could connect with each other and the people they are called to minister to. SCRATCHING THE SURFACE aims to allow that mechanism of universal collaboration to exist through the media of film and web-technology. 


How We Operate

SCRATCHING THE SURFACE documentary project is an independent production that is produced by FireTrigger Inc. (Canada). This production is privately funded. Should you feel that you've been blessed by this or you'd like to support the project, you're welcome to donate to the project.