How to Collaborate?


The STSdoc project is designed to allow people to come together and collaborate on one of the most crippling topics for the Church today. We are ONE body - regardless of age, sex or denomination. And if one part suffers, we all suffer. To make an active impact on the malicious strategy of destruction by pornography, we have to work together. 


Collaborative Editing

As filmmakers, we are releasing our raw materials to the STSdoc community to leave time-code marked comments about what really touched them or the people they care about. The SCRATCHING THE SURFACE documentary will be cut by the collective responses to the materials. If you have never had the chance to cut a movie - accept this as a formal invitation by the director to do so now. Let's get cutting.


User Reviews

If you had the chance to interact with a program, book, software / hardware, films, ministries or materials; you can write your own review for other STSdoc users to see or interact with. Go to Reviews now. 

Should you have had interaction with a book, product or service that's not yet listed on the STSdoc site, please let us know by Contacting Us. 


Personal Testimonies

For the sake of encouraging others, and to help overcome the strategy of the Adversary, you're invited to share your personal testimony by submitting it to us via the eMail form. Select testimonies will be published and users will be allowed to comment and interact with it. Click this link to be bumped to the Testimonies area.  


Talk to Us

If you or someone you're aware of are representative of a ministry, program or system that can be of help to the STSdoc community, please Contact Us. We'd love to get in touch. 


Get Connected

You're invited to connect with other members of the STSdoc community by any of your favourite channels of communication. This is not a journey to walk alone. Get Connected.