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Internet Accountability and Filtering

Covenant Eyes internet monitoring service scores websites visited for mature content and sends a report to a person you choose.This friend, spouse, parent or other person you select is your Accountability Partner, and they receive your reports by email or may view them online. This relationship provides new strength in avoiding temptations. With internet filtering you can take control of how your family's computer is used, even when you are not at home or unable to monitor it. 



Internet Filtering Software and Hardware has Internet filtering solutions for your home, school or business. Safe Eyes is ideal for the home and works on both the PC and Mac. Safe Eyes is a two time winner of PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award and rated #1 by the nations leading consumer publication. With 35 categories of websites to filter, Safe Eyes can be customized to your family. For your office or school they offer the EtherShield Internet filtering appliance. Easy to install and configure, the EtherShield can protect your entire network from a single location. 



Internet Filtering Software

The Internet is a large part of everyday life, and becoming more so daily. The task of being a good parent in the digital age is challenging to say the least, and requires tools that are simple, reliable and trustworthy. The evolution of online family protection is here. Bsecure CloudCare Version 6.0 offers a simple and powerful software tool for families and individuals seeking to provide a safe online environment to grow, learn, work and play.