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Welcome to Scratching the Surface
April 13, 2010

Hi and Welcome to Scratching the Surface. We are currently in production of a deep-level documentary on pornography. This piece was birthed on the journey of establishing a release platform for the film WILLFUL ENTRAPMENT, - a cinematic expression on the addictive properties of pornography. After it's completion we've realized the need to point people into the right direction to be equipped to deal with, (and protect against) pornography in their community, family and personal lives.

Our solution came in the form of SCRATCHING THE SURFACE - a community collaborative documentary that will put people in connection with the key champions we discovered on the front-line of the battle against pornography. Earlier this year, we kicked off with Wave01 of our interviews. We rendez-voused with key people in Michigan where we were graciously hosted by Covenant Eyes. And, in the process we discovered new friendships and saw hearts of ministry leaders connect. You're welcome to visit the People section to meet the "Champions" that are standing up for purity that we have interviewed so far. There are links to their own websites, ministries, books and dvd's, plus much more. As we continue our journey, we hope to bring you in contact with lots more people, groups, ministries, information and services that could help unravel the hold of pornography on people - and the church. 

You'll notice we are uploading full length, raw material interviews before the release of the actual doc. Though an unconventional approach in the land of filmmaking, we really sensed an urgency to get their messages out. And wanted to allow everyone to be able to interact with the information without having to wait for the documentary to be completed. Also, due to runtime constraints of the film, we had a concern that important pieces of helpful information would inevitably end up on the cutting room floor. Since the issue of pornography runs so deep, we wanted our people to be able to access to all of it. We hope this will be a blessing to you and to your community. So, feel free to interact and comment on the material. 

We all have giftings and abilities. And, regardles of where you are on your journey, - If we're going to make a difference, we all have to stand together.