Collaborative Editing Project


Community Collaborative Editing


What's this "Collaborative Editing" thing everyone's talking about?

It's simple. As filmmakers we release our semi-raw materials to you in full length so you get to interact with all of it (vs. our filmmaker-presumed condensed version of what came out of the interview). You then jump into the edit suite with us by letting us know what were the key things that were mentioned in the interview that moved you or that you believe is important for other people to hear. As filmmakers, we'll adapt our film to represent what our audience needs to access. 

A timecode stamp is burnt into all the material - so you'll have a reference point to the actual section of the interview that you'd want to comment about. Don't worry about the first and last numbers. They are for hours (reel number) and frames (sub-second unit). Just look at the middle two - they are Minutes:Seconds. E.G.: an actual timecode of 01:09:24;18 is fine quoted as 09:24

So, what are you waiting for?